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I never was a skinny child, nor was I ever an athlete… Far from it. My father used food to comfort us and he always made sure we were well fed. As I grew older I became the yo yo dieter. I never had great eating habits or a solid long-term exercise regimen.


It’s time to throw away the scale!

Fast forward to 2014.
I joined Crossfit at a point in my life where I was finally sick and disgusted with looking at myself in the mirror. I had stopped exercising and ate anything I wanted for over a year and it showed. I refused to take pictures and often tried to hide from the camera.  Upon joining Crossfit in March, 2014,  I basically went from zero exercise to some of the most intense workouts imaginable. After one Crossfit workout I would be sore for 2-4 days at a time, but I never gave up. My eating patterns had not changed but at least I wasn’t gaining weight.
I then saw a Facebook posting for the nutrition challenge and that’s when I saw a chance to change my eating habits and the way my body reacts to food. I attended the nutrition clinic with Courtney at Crossfit Oahu and was determined to make the 45 day journey! I refused to look at my pre-measurements or my initial weigh-in. It didn’t matter what the scale said because I knew that in order to change my life I had to change the way I saw foods. The start of the journey was really tough.  I needed to cut out a lot of the foods I was eating. I needed to throw my scale in the closet and not be tempted to look at it. (The scale had a funny way of playing mind tricks on me). I emptied my cupboards and filled it with “healthier” options and I actually cooked. I didn’t go out for happy hour pupus and drinks. I made a commitment to myself to attend Crossfit classes at least 3 times a week and to do at least 3 outdoor activities a week.  I didn’t count calories but I did focus very closely to the foods I was allowed to eat. By the end of the second week in the challenge, I finally had my energy back. In fact I had more energy.  By the end of the third week/fourth week my body began to change. It was simply wonderful. I was proud to bring my meals to work & eat with my co-workers. My friends and co-workers were true supporters. They only offered me foods that were within my level & the most amazing part was the compliments I was receiving.
I did my post weigh-in on July 1, 2014 (45 days later) and got some really good results. I lost a total of 25 pounds and over 10 inches (total). That’s about 1/2 pound a day!! Not bad.
I plan on committing to a healthy paleo lifestyle and Crossfit, why? Because it works!!! While I’m not ready to show my before and after pictures (just yet) because I want to loose more weight, I’m excited, motivated, and determined. If I could sum up my experience: Paleo Rocks! Crossfit is EPIC! My nutrition coach Courtney is pure AWESOMENESS!
My story is just beginning…. I can’t wait to see what the next 5-6 months brings! I’ll keep you posted.


Sample Daily Menu

2-3 scrambled eggs in a non-stick pan
I always add a bit of Franks hot sauce   (Paleo friendly) to spice it up a bit.
1-2 slices of avocado (yum!)

A handful of almonds (if I’m hungry)

I’ve learned to love salads! Spinach is my new favorite. I usually grill chicken breast or a piece of fish and eat it with a bit of olive oil & apple cider vinegar.

Hardboiled eggs! Important to always keep these handy… So you never feel hungry or deprived.

Typical dinner:
Definitely a nice size protein
My fave is grass fed hamburger (adding paleo friendly seasonings)
No oil needed because I find that the hamburger is juicy enough on it’s own.
Always add a good amount of veggies to dinner (steamed broccoli & cauliflower are my faves) I add a little coconut aminos or Franks hot sauce for flavor but not always.

I’m completely satisfied for the typical day!

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