So… How do I get Started?

  • Try an Intro Session

    It's not required, you can just get started with your first month, but it's free so why not?

  • Start Your First Month

    Beginner or advanced, your first month with us is all about taking you to the next level. We will teach you what you need to know to feel comfortable and reach your goals.

  • Love being a Member

    What's not to love about being a full fledged CFO Member, with all of the perks and bragging rights you have earned.

  • Enjoy Life

    You have just made some very good decisions for yourself!

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2 Great options for your first month

Whether you are just beginning to get fit or have been training by yourself for awhile, we have two great ways to start your first month of membership. We require every new member to attend Group Elements classes or take Personal Training during their first month as a member. Either way, we want to take the time needed to learn about you and your goals, whether they are just learning how to get in shape or training for the CrossFit Open.

Option 1- Start with Group Elements

Group elements class (8-12 people max) will run monthly at the beginning of every month.  The Group Elements class will meet two times a week on Monday and Wednesday at 7 pm.  All you have to do is register prior to the beginning of the session to reserve a spot. Attendance at all classes is required to pass. Check our events page for the next Group Elements start date. Click below to reserve your slot at any one of our two locations.

Group Elements costs $185. For your first month you can go to Group Elements and as many regular classes as you want during your first month.

If any session is missed, a private make-up session for $50 will have to be scheduled.

Click Here to reserve your spot for Group Elements!

Option 2- Start with Personal Training

Personal Training is a perfect starting point for anyone coming to CrossFit Oahu. With personal training you have the flexibility to start and schedule your sessions at any time.  After 2 sessions of Personal Training you can attend unlimited CrossFit classes during your first month.

  • # of Sessions
  • Learning Environment
  • Start Date
  • Schedule
  • Shared Personal Training
    $200 EA
    • 6 Sessions
    • With up to 2 Friends
    • You let us know
    • When you choose
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Click Here to set up your first Personal Training Session!

Membership Options

  • Sessions a Month
  • Payment Schedule
  • Access to 5 Locations
  • 2x a Week
    Monthly Membership
    • 8
    • Month to Month via AutoPay
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  • 6 Month
    Prepaid Membership
    • Unlimited
    • Payment up Front
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  • 1 Year
    Prepaid Membership
    • Unlimited
    • Payment up Front
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Our Simple Membership Policies

We think these things pretty much make sense. Anything else is less efficient and sacrifices form (no rep!), and that’s not the CrossFit way.

No Initiation Fees

Maybe back in the day when they had to dip a quill into an inkpot to write the membership contract and then hire a stagecoach to send that contract to HQ, that made sense. In today’s age, there’s no cost we incur in signing you up, why should we pass one on to you?

No Contracts

We believe you will like our product. Why do we need to handcuff you into it? Pay for a membership you use and enjoy. If you don’t, while we’d like the chance to fix any issue you might have, you can quit at any time for any reason.

Freeze Your Account with 2 Weeks Notice

Going on a long vacation across Europe? Have a bad month at the office coming up? In the Military and have a change of mission?  Let us know you’d like to freeze you account before you get billed, and we’ll freeze it. If you need more time than 30 days, come and talk to us and we can figure something out.

No Penalties, Surcharges, etc

Unless you start doing things that make us incur a bunch of penalties, we’re not going to litter our memberships with fine print, chock-full of penalties and fees.

What Does Membership Inculded?

  • Access to Two Locations
  • Access to all CrossFit Classes
  • Access to Higher level programs
  • Member only Events
  • And an awesome Key tag!
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Happy Members

  • I started crossfitting in 2007 a few months after my mom and sister. My fist WODs were Karen and Fight Gone Bad, which was a little scary. After a while, though, I really started enjoying crossfit. In November 2009, the Burgener family came to CFO and I got really excited about Olympic Weightlifting. Since January of last year, I’ve been training at CFO to be competitive weightlifter.

    Kaia K.
    Kaia K.Student
  • CFO has transformed my life in every possible way.  At 47, I am more fit than ever before. I am stronger, leaner, healthier, more confident, and proud of my body and what it is now capable of achieving.

    Syd F.
    Syd F.
  • My previous job was a close knit community which required a great deal of fitness, which I loved!  As I got older and changed professions to finance, CrossFit helped fill a void that I needed.  An intense outlet with a tremendous community of friends!!!

    Clint D.
    Clint D.National Guard
  • Crossfit Oahu has given me a place where I can come to achieve my fitness goals in a positive environment. The culture, community, and coaches give you the opportunity to be better than yesterday in all you do! I feel blessed to be able to train with all the great people and coaches at Crossfit Oahu!

    Ryan T.
    Ryan T.Teacher

1 Membership 5 Locations

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