Nutrition Challenge Success- Trina

“Over the last few years, I have tried so many different “diets” that work for the first few weeks but I will bounce back to where I originally started and end up being far worse than when I started.  I wanted something that will change my eating habits for the better and something I can stick with as a lifestyle change.

I use to take supplements and drink at least one pre-workout once a day, I didn’t realize how much my body depended on these “junky stuff” I was putting in my body. The first week of the challenge was definitely an eye opener, I was struggling to stay awake or have any type of energy for work but I pushed through it. It was hard and more so rough by the end of the day when I would walk into the gym, but it was well worth it at the end.

A few weeks into the challenge, I was able to get 8 hours of sleep per night at least 5 times a week, the other nights was 7 or close to it. I can see my performance during the workout peak and feel a lot stronger than when I started. Overall, the challenge introduced me to a new lifestyle that I’m still continuing with and introducing it to my family as well.

The challenge was fun and enjoyable; it didn’t feel like I had to do anything against my own will just to feel better. Having the coach encourage us to keep going and motivating us along the way made it a lot easier to go through the withdrawals. Having the support group with other challengers really help with encouragement and learning new things from one another.

I would encourage everyone to at least try this challenge once to see how it affects their body any mind. Let’s eat all the good foods!!”


Trina lost 6 pounds (4 pounds of FAT) and 3 inches and continues to improve her performance in the WODs!

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