Nutrition Challenge Success- Stacy

Stacy has been a consistent CFO member for 2 years! The CFO nutrition challenge was a chance to start learning how to balance her habits and choices to feel better and still enjoy life! In just 6 weeks, she lost 11 pounds, 2% body fat and 7 inches from her chest, waist (4in) and hips!

Congrats on putting in the hard work and consistency Stacy!


“So here’s what I learned and want to reflect on from the last 45 days:
1: Commit to the Healthy Choice: I realized how often I go out with friends or want to catch up with someone and it always results in going out to eat. At the beginning of the challenge I would avoid going out because of all of the decisions I would have to make and it was just so much easier for me to stay home and be stuck with only healthy options in the fridge to eat. But after a couple weeks in, I realized that staying home and avoiding making the healthy decisions wasn’t necessarily healthy either.
2. Physical and Mental Changes: Everyone who knew I was doing the challenge would ask me how I was feeling or if I’ve lost any weight. I never knew how much weight I lost during the 45 days but I could feel a change in how my clothes were fitting. (I didn’t put on the shorts I took my before/after pictures in at all during the 45days and when I put them on again yesterday they were significantly looser!) I think the biggest change I saw over the 45 days was my mood. I felt like I was much happier, alert and had a ton more energy than usual.
3. The Support System: There were many occasions where I just wanted one cookie or a cheat meal…”one won’t hurt anyone”. But the team aspect of the challenge not only held me accountable but also reminded me that no one else got a cheat meal or a cookie so I shouldn’t either. Everyone’s posts; big and small hurdles, stories they shared, recipes and foods they found/tried were really inspiring and encouraging to keep going.
4. Finding the Balance: I did have an interesting situation that happened that I’m still trying to work out. Some friends just got married and were in town for their honeymoon so we treated them to dinner while they were visiting. We went to a restaurant that Devin ended up knowing the owner so they brought out a ton of extra food for us. I stuck to the plan; ate according to the challenge for dinner but then…..dessert came. And they brought out almost every dessert on the menu!! (dessert is my weakness!). Anyways, I stuck to the plan and didn’t try a single bite. After dinner I thought that I would have been super proud of myself for staying on track and not indulging at all; but to my surprise I regretted not indulging in a bite or two of dessert.
I definitely need to work out the kinks in my plan on moving forward and really figure out when it’s ok to indulge a little bit, how much is acceptable and what’s too much.
Overall I really enjoyed the process and I plan on continuing…to see what other changes can happen beyond 45 days!
Thanks again for your guidance and support!”
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