Nutrition Challenge Success- Rachell

Rachell has been a dedicated CFO member for almost 4 years and you can consistently see her working hard at the 6am or 9am classes! As you can read in her story below, along with losing 5 pounds (4 pounds of fat) and 4 inches, she made huge gains in her performance and mindset on her 2nd nutrition challenge with CFO and continues to learn about herself and develop new skills!


“This was my second Nutrition Challenge with CrossFit Oahu and Coach Courtney. During my first nutrition challenge about 2 years ago, my daughter was 9 to 10 months old and becoming a mom changed my body, mind, and pretty much everything in my life. I didn’t really understand how food effected my body, how it made me feel, and what to eat. I was also afraid of getting bored with what what I was eating and going back to old habits. Now that I’ve  finished my first nutrition challenge I can proudly say I’ve lost 5 pounds and have kicked my soda habit for good.


When I started my second Nutrition Challenge I knew this was something I had to do. My sugar cravings were getting out of control and I felt bloated all the time. I also felt a decline in my performance at the gym and knew I had to do something. During the first two weeks I felt weak and tired, but the bloating was gone. Week 3 I felt great, food cravings were pretty much gone. Week 4 I PR’d my back squat and then PR’D my overhead squat! I couldn’t believe it!!! What had changed? What was I doing different? THE FOOD I WAS EATING! Right then and there I knew  this just wasn’t a challenge for me, but a lifelong journey. Learning about food, asking myself if that cupcake is really worth it, saying ” No Thank you” when someone offers me pizza. This challenge has turned into long term goals and I’m excited to keep learning, growing, and leaving my emotions towards food in the dust. Coach Courtney is forever in my head; ” Its just food.”
Paleo Power for life!”
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