Nutrition Challenge Success- Marisa

Marisa joined Group Elements almost 6 months ago and has over 50 classes under her belt so far! Her story is a perfect example of how food (and lifestyle changes) can effect many aspects of health, including inflammation of the digestive and immune system.
“I decided to participate in the Nutrition Challenge because I regularly suffered from sinus infections for more than 10 years. These infections could last up to a month. I wanted to see if changing my diet would help restore the good bacteria in my system as well as cut down the duration of the infection symptoms. While my initial goal was to boost my immune system, I didn’t expect a lifestyle and mindset change.
Being this challenge was a nutritional one, I had a few apprehensions, mostly centered around the cooking. The majority of my food choices were prioritized based on convenience and cravings. That said, the structure of the challenge supported me by providing guidelines to follow which gave me the confidence to meal plan, cook, and shop for groceries. It helped me to identify foods I was able to eat and create new routines both in the kitchen and at the grocery store where I didn’t have to figure it out on my own. I was less anxious due to the structure. I was also comfortable following the guidelines because the information was research-based. As a teacher, I understand how important that is to the validity of the information when they are based on research. I knew that the choices I was making were sound ones.
I also appreciated that although there were food choice limitations, I was actually given the power of choice. I felt empowered by being encouraged to make changes such as adding grass-fed meat, getting 7-8 hours of sleep, exercise, etc., into my daily routine. Making so many changes at once can be intimidating for me. However, within the structure of a challenge, I saw the changes as more of a game than one more thing I “had” to do and I looked forward to seeing what I could do each day to level up.
As I mentioned my goal was to boost my immune system, all the while what I was really doing was making lifestyle and mindset changes (sneaky sneaky!) I can get very anxious when I’m overwhelmed or placed in new situations, however this challenge proved that with focused intention, I can do what I set out to do. I was also able to practice prioritizing and really putting myself first. Yes, somedays I couldn’t get the 7 hours of sleep, and yes, somedays I didn’t get in a workout, and yes, somedays I felt like I let myself down or felt like I would be judged because I wasn’t earning as many points as my fellow participants. However, what that really did for me was it brought to my attention how negative my mindset was and that I had the power to be ok with what I could do within the day. Although I didn’t get the most points by the end of the challenge, I’m still proud of myself because I challenged my self everyday. I tell my students that every day is an opportunity to do better than you did yesterday and this was the first time I honestly followed my own advice.”
*11 Days after challenge ended- Update from Marisa*

“Just wanted to share some good news. This past week I would’ve definitely succumbed to a sinus infection brought on by the winds and chilly weather. However, I only suffered a stuffy nose and a slight congestion headache. No post nasal drip, no cough.

I hope the reduction in symptom severity is a result of being on the Whole30 diet (which I’m still rockin btw).

Who knows, maybe it’s coincidental, but I don’t think it is…(^_^).”

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