Nutrition Challenge Success- Lucas

Lucas has been a consistent CFO member for 11 months and secretly shows off his barbell strength! Now that he lost 19 pounds and 8 inches, the bodyweight movements are also on the rise! Congrats Lucas!
“I decided to take on this challenge because why not? I’m always up to trying something new and if it helps me get healthier and more fit then great. Knowing that I was going to be a dad for the first time in April motivated me to get to CFO more through the week but that’s it. It was helping me get results but not exactly where I needed to be if I wanted to have a bunch of energy for a newborn. So I signed up for the nutrition challenge.
It was nice to be able to track your daily points on the nutrition challenge spreadsheet. It was cool to be apart of a community of people that are all involved in this challenge. It also was motivating to see people’s posts on the Facebook challenge page about small victories through the challenge, recipes, etc. Another motivator was to see the daily email blasts from Coco.
Trying new things like making bone broth, bulletproof coffee, and seeking out local grass fed protein(everyone needs to visit Higa market) helped keep the challenge fun and fresh. The challenge also made it enjoyable to search for new recipes and also key into what exactly was in specific foods.
We were asked not to step on a scale to measure progress throughout the challenge. Instead progress was to be measured by other means like how you’re feeling, gains at the gym, how clothes fit, and so on. I was able to measure how my progress was coming along by how fast I was able to do an 800 m run, a 10 lb gain in my back squat, 8 more pull ups on max rep, and the 3 separate holes I drilled in my belt over the 45 days.
Lastly, it was great to get to see the capstone of the final measurements and pictures at the end of the 45 days. Seeing the data helped pull it all together and shows that following a healthy lifestyle creates results and is not hard but rewarding. I still have a lot of work that I want to accomplish with my fitness but I am on the right track and focused on my new goals.”
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