Nutrition Challenge Success- Dave

Dave has been a member of CFO for over 2 years and has always worked hard on the black mats. He was ready to take it to the next level and joined the CFO Nutrition Program and the Open Prep Program. In return, his performance sky rocketed! After 45 days on the challenge he lost 21 pounds (14# of fat), 5.7% body fat and 9 inches from his waist, hips and chest combined!

Here is his story.

“In a way, the nutrition challenge was the culmination of a deeply important personal comeback.  In my senior year of college, I ballooned from a fit 170 lbs to approximately 200 pounds in less than a semester, after battling a severe bout of depression.  Even when the depression later left, the weight stayed.  And more came.  I peaked at 230 pounds.

Over the past decade, I have always thought “one day I’ll be back to my old weight.”  That day simply never came.

In late 2016, I began taking Crossfit seriously, and I dropped weight into the 190s.  But I still was eating like an unhealthy person – take out all the time, the value of the meal was in its taste and taste alone.  I could eat a Costco size bucket of cashews in one day.  So as much as I was working out, my body plateaued in the 190s.  I ultimately was accountable only to myself, and I took advantage of weak oversight.
The value of the nutrition challenge to me was accountability.  I believe that the most important thing that Courtney said prior to the challenge was: “Do not brag about your cheat meals – that’s not cool.”  That to me set the tone: the more people took the challenge seriously, the better we’d all do.  And I really felt that – from the scoresheet to the facebook posts from all of the others in the challenge.
I really enjoyed the competitive aspect of the game and took it seriously.  The hardest part of the challenge for me was a week in Charleston, South Carolina on a business trip.  To avoid the temptation of Southern BBQ, to find health alternatives – I really enjoyed playing the game and went out of my way to do my best in difficult circumstances – away from home, no kitchen, no car, no refrigerator, still eating healthy.
The challenge absolutely seems to have changed my habits.  I thought when the challenge was over that the first thing that I’d do is eat a huge burrito.  But when I stood in the burrito line, I felt almost gross and walked out before I ordered.  I got grilled chicken with salad and rice instead.  I feel like I had been conditioned over these past weeks to recognize healthy and unhealthy eating habits, and learning how to overcome temptation and cravings.  The lessons have stuck.
And indeed the results were amazing.  I am now back to my college weight, and my self-confidence is sky high.”
Congrats Dave!
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