Welcome to CrossFit Waipio!

The 3rd CrossFit Oahu Affiliate, A true Ohana, and The best BBQing CrossFit Affiliate around!


 FW is the first Crossfit in Central Oahu and the third gym in the CFO Family. Located minutes away from Schofield  Barracks, CFW is a prime location for Elite Fitness. With a great mixture of Military personnel and locals, we provide a diverse climate to excel.

-Dan Lyman
Head Coach CrossFit Waipio

What makes CrossFit Waipio Awesome?


We have a combined 30+ yrs of knowledge in the Crossfit and Strength and Conditioning world.

Full Class Schedule and Specialty Programs

You have options for class 7 days a week. On top of that we offer a variety of Specialty Programs like Competition training, Crossfit Kids, and Ladies Bootcamp.


CFW is blessed with great members with strong family values. Having members being in the military far from their families can be very hard. CFW makes it a point to keep everyone together with monthly facility get together’s and activities to help strengthen that bond.

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