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Tony Blauer is the brains behind the newest personal-safety specialty course to hit the CrossFit community: CrossFitDefense.

Blauer, whose foundation is wrestling, martial arts and boxing, has been working with law enforcement and the military for years and was speaking Coach Greg Glassman’s language long before he knew what CrossFit was all about, long before Blauer even knew who Glassman was. But the two were evolving in parallel, and it was only a matter of time until Blauer and CrossFit’s CEO found each other.

After doing a Level 1 CrossFit Seminar in California, Blauer was immediately on board the CrossFit train. Six years since meeting Glassman in Santa Cruz, Blauer is now totally immersed in the CrossFit community, and he’s the man CrossFitters turn to when it comes to personal safety.


12 (Saturday) - 13 (Sunday)


556 Reed Lane Honolulu HI 96813

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