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Success Stories- Laura G.

I started this nutritional challenge for many reasons.  The first being that I got off track with my fitness journey.  I suffered a personal loss this year that kept me from exercising to only 1-2 days a week.  The stress and challenges I faced also contributed to the poor food choices I was making.  In July, […]

Success Stories- Cynthia and Renea

  The last 45 days are not about what I’ve lost, but more about what I’ve gained. Sure, losing weight and body fat was awesome, but what I gained was much more important. I am able to commit to my health for more than 3 days. I realize the power of planning and preparation. I can finally […]

Success Stories- Chad C.

In 45 days, Chad lost 15 pounds, 4 inches, 2% body fat and maintained his hard fought muscle mass! I came into the challenge really excited to test my limits as far as my diet goes.  But after around week two I just got into a groove!  The first 5-7 days were really hard and I […]

Success Stories- Stephanie K.

My experience with the Nutrition Challenge has been a phenomenal, transformational journey. My body feels lighter and more energetic, my mood is consistently awesome, my sleep is deep and rejuvenating, and my Paleo grocery shopping and cooking skills are on point. And I can’t believe the difference in my before and after photos! I must […]

Success Stories- Tim and Theresa

If anyone is thinking about trying this, then go ahead and take the plunge. You won’t regret it. What follows are my thoughts on the Nutrition Challenge. Going in, I was nervous. 45 days seems like forever, and this was going to be more of an adjustment than I was prepared for. I always knew […]

Success Stories- Maria A.

Maria has been a member of CrossFit Oahu for just over 3 months and decided to take on the Fall 2014 Nutrition Challenge at the end of her Elements sessions. She killed it and was smiling the whole way through! When I decided to take on this challenge, I did not know what to expect. […]

Success Stories- Frank S.

Nine years ago, I quit smoking. I had been smoking since I was ten years old and after many attempts at quitting, I was determined to stay smoke free no matter how much weight I gained by substituting cigarettes with food. While I managed to maintain my goal of remaining smoke free, I ended up […]

Success Stories- Coach Michelle D.

“This challenge has been like a long, unfinished epic novel for me. Think Game of Thrones or Harry Potter—before J.K. Rowling released book 7. I know that sounds pretty dramatic, but what’s life without a little drama. Backstory: I am a competitive Olympic Weightlifter who has been competing for 11 years, 13 National level meets, […]

Success Stories- Andy S.

“I have always worked out and been a bit of a gym rat, off and on over the years. And I always have been on the heavier side.    I had done CrossFit in the past, followed mainpage CrossFit.com in 2005-2006, spent a little time at CrossFit Portland and CrossFit HEL in Portland in 2006-2007. […]

Success Stories- Cecily

I never was a skinny child, nor was I ever an athlete… Far from it. My father used food to comfort us and he always made sure we were well fed. As I grew older I became the yo yo dieter. I never had great eating habits or a solid long-term exercise regimen.   Fast […]


Meet Jen and Tripp, two hardworking parents who have recently had to switch their son to eating gluten free. While they were used to fast-food and cravings of sugar, the challenge has helped them push past these cravings and realize their true potential as well as the importance of real food to fuel their bodies! […]


  Meet Crystal, one of the “Spring Cleaning” 2013 Graduates! In 45 days, she lost 10 pounds and 6.25 inches from her chest, waist and hips! The Challenge helped Crystal go even deeper in her pathway to health, and helped her learn to enjoy cooking and preparing meals! BRING ON THE VEGGIES!! My whole life I […]


BEST DECISION IN 10 YEARS!! Putting into words the experiences I have had over the past few weeks is difficult. Not so much to say or share, but to truly communicate in a way that can be more than understood… but felt. A few weeks before joining Crossfit Oahu and starting the Paleo Diet, my wife and I […]


Meet Ellen and Nick Hahn! Nick is one of the original members of CFO…he left the island after serving in the Navy, married beautiful Ellen, welcomed “mancub” baby Lucien and recently moved back to the island! I hope their stories will inspire you. ELLEN HAHN  My paleo challenge testimonial is going to sound a lot […]
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