We put in the work to be the best. You get all the benefit!

Seeing the CFO coaches wreath you know you are going to get coaches that are highly skilled, experienced, and believe it or not personable! We take the accredited CrossFit certification and add several other exacting standards before we let any trainer become a CFO coach. Not only that but many of our Coaches are highly educated and experienced in several areas. We can not only talk the talk but have names upon names of members that we have helped achieve their goals. Meet your team below and say “Aloha” next time you are in the gym!!

Bryant Powers
Owner CrossFit Oahu
Courtney Johnson, MPH, RD
Head Coach, CrossFit Oahu
Ian McGill
Head Coach, CrossFit Pearl City
Tiffany Bove
Level 2 Coach
Marc Hino
Level 1 Coach
Shaun Eshima
Level 1 Coach
Ricky Garcia
Level 1 Coach


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