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Success Stories- Frank S.

Nine years ago, I quit smoking. I had been smoking since I was ten years old and after many attempts at quitting, I was determined to stay smoke free no matter how much weight I gained by substituting cigarettes with food. While I managed to maintain my goal of remaining smoke free, I ended up […]

Success Stories- Coach Michelle D.

“This challenge has been like a long, unfinished epic novel for me. Think Game of Thrones or Harry Potter—before J.K. Rowling released book 7. I know that sounds pretty dramatic, but what’s life without a little drama. Backstory: I am a competitive Olympic Weightlifter who has been competing for 11 years, 13 National level meets, […]

Success Stories- Andy S.

“I have always worked out and been a bit of a gym rat, off and on over the years. And I always have been on the heavier side.    I had done CrossFit in the past, followed mainpage CrossFit.com in 2005-2006, spent a little time at CrossFit Portland and CrossFit HEL in Portland in 2006-2007. […]

Success Stories- Cecily

I never was a skinny child, nor was I ever an athlete… Far from it. My father used food to comfort us and he always made sure we were well fed. As I grew older I became the yo yo dieter. I never had great eating habits or a solid long-term exercise regimen.   Fast […]
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